82 Pitt Street


Charleston, SC

PROJECT MANAGER: Jon Colarusso, Mark Regalbuto


Built in 1843 by brothers Septimus and Joseph Sanders, the masonry home at 82 Pitt St. has undergone a restoration, winning a Carolopolis Award in 1964, and an extensive renovation in 1989 as a result of damage associated with Hurricane Hugo. While the main structure has been repaired and maintained over the years, the attached cookhouse had fallen into decay and disrepair.

The current owner teamed up with Renew Urban with an initial intent to restore the historically significant cookhouse. This project then progressed into an entire renovation of this downtown property. Careful structural stabilization, the addition of a pool and pool house to suit the current owner’s desired usage, and utilization of reclaimed materials in conjunction with custom construction resulted in a beautifully completed residence.