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Renew Urban has built a reputation on trustworthy, accomplished craftsmen and a job done well. As a full-service general contractor, Renew Urban specializes in luxury homes and large-scale renovations of historic properties. Named one of the most general contractors in Charleston, we are ready for your next building design. We’ve built a well-established network of professionals and vendors that makes it easier than ever to see your project come to life.

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Construction Services For Demanding Clients

Whether your project is small or large, new construction or a historic renovation, we have the professionals to breathe life into your vision. Although you’ll find many other boutique contractors in the area, you won’t find many capable of tackling large-scale commercial projects and luxury homes–and none that have the same reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Our team includes designers, architects, master carpenters, and talented project managers, among others. We function as a fully-equipped general contractor with the capacity to take on even the most demanding projects.

Charles General Contractors You Can Rely Upon

Renew Urban doesn’t cut corners. And because we often work with property owners from out of town or out of state, we’ve built a robust communications system–including a dedicated project manager for each project–to ensure that our clients always know exactly how the project is progressing. You’ll never have to wonder what’s happening with your Charleston renovation or other construction project; we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

we have the professionals to breathe life into your vision

Residential General Contracting Services 

As builders, we love tackling a luxury home project, and we’ve completed many, from complete renovations and renewals to new construction builds. One thing remains the same across all our residential projects: we treat each home like the piece of living art it is. The luxury Charleston home means many things to many people, but for us, it’s all about beauty, balance, and impeccable precision craftsmanship.

Those we employ are passionate about Charleston’s historic architectural features and unique personality. They bring that passion to every project they take on–from the one-of-a-kind crown molding in a seaside bungalow to the careful masonry required to recreate historic fireplaces in a downtown abode. Our professionals include designers with time-period-specific knowledge to accurately restore historic homes. Many of our remodels feature historic elements while embracing contemporary finishes and the latest in building materials and technology.

Full-Service Project Management and Consultation Services

Historic Preservation and Renovations

Full-Service Project Management and Consultation Services

Accurate Reproductions and Time-Period Accuracy

Full-Service Custom Home Builds from Design to Construction

Luxury Remodeling of both Commercial and Residential Spaces

Design Planning and Consultation Services for Remodels

Commercial Renovations and Custom Builds

Contemporary Office and Retail Remodels

Home Building

Commercial General Contracting Services Throughout Charleston

Renew Urban has completed a huge variety of commercial projects in Charleston, SC, from restaurant remodels to office renovations, retail space rebuilds, and more. We know that every commercial project comes with its own challenges and that retail and office spaces need just as much (if not more) attention to detail and artisanal care as their residential counterparts.

We aim to create exceptional properties for our commercial clients–places of work and service that welcome employees and guests in and invite them to become part of the Charleston experience. From the old-world details like soaring, fully-trimmed windows to contemporary features like state-of-the-art smart office technology, our commercial renovations capture the spirit of place without skimping on today’s luxury style and personality.

Construction Management

With every project, RenewUrban assigns a talented project manager to be your guide through each step of the process. They’ll keep lines of communication open between contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and you. They’ll make frequent (usually daily) on-site visits to ensure the project is progressing as planned, and they’ll be the expert on your project from beginning to end. Your project manager is also tasked with keeping the project on budget and seamlessly scheduled.

This ensures that your project doesn’t turn into a runaway train–something that happens all too often with many other contractors. We bend over backward to ensure that lines of communication stay open even when unforeseen issues arise. Sound too good to be true? Our testimonials lend credence to that claim. When it comes to project managers, we only hire the best, because they represent a huge part of our clients’ experiences.

RenewUrban assigns a talented project manager to be your guide

Hire an Experienced Charleston General Contractor for Your Next Project

Your project deserves the attention and care of a contractor with extensive experience and a proven track record of success. And that’s exactly what Renew Urban brings to the table–along with the panache, style, and incredible team players that put together incomparable interiors, exteriors, and commercial spaces.

If you have a vision, Renew Urban can bring it to fruition. Whether you want to restore a 19th century plantation home to its former glory, renovate a Charleston townhouse, or redesign a commercial space to embrace new opportunities, Renew Urban can walk with you to make it happen–on time, on budget, and in style.

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