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General Contractor in Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant’s Leading General Contractor

Are you looking for a general contractor who can work in both residential and commercial fields, one who can renew your home and even provide historical renovation on older homes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Renew Urban is the leading general contractor in Mt. Pleasant and has a team that can handle just about any project that comes your way. We’re ready and willing to work with you on your next renovation project and can comfortably say we’re more than prepared to work with you.

Are You Looking for a Trustworthy General Contractor in Mt. Pleasant, SC?

At Renew Urban, we provide a transparent bidding and building process during which we discuss every step we plan to take on your Mt. Pleasant construction project. You’ll get insight into our bid, what you get with our bid, and the projected work hours for each job. We invite you to walk alongside us in this process as we direct our renovation and construction process to meet your needs.

With an incomparable customer record and a history of working with beautiful historical structures, Renew Urban understands the unique demands of many contracting jobs. Our team has worked in delicate situations while restoring historical properties and we provide the highest-quality craftsmanship possible.

No other general contractor in Mt. Pleasant, SC, can claim our level of complete expertise. That’s because no other contractor in the area has our level of experience and dedication. We only hire people who we trust and who truly love what they’re doing. In this way, we create the “real deal” contracting experience. You’ll never feel like another statistic; you’ll feel like we truly care about you and your project….because we do.

Trust Our Mt. Pleasant Residential Contracting Services

We know that you want and deserve to live in a beautiful home that reflects your personality and your life. That’s why we at Renew Urban focus so heavily on the little things in each residential construction project. Our team researches various modern architectural concepts, checks out what other homes in Mt. Pleasant are doing, and creates new trends ourselves, starting with your home.

Our team can provide many general contracting services, including new home design, with a group of architects and master carpenters who understand your needs. Of course, building a new home gives you complete control over the process and gives you a beautiful house. But if you already own a home and want to renovate or upgrade it, you can work with us to get the remodeling help that you need!

With each project, we create a unique plan and process that puts you first. We are a customer-first company that works to tailor every element of our approach and plan to meet your needs. Our end goal is to make you happy: nothing more and nothing less. Never will we put our agenda or our needs before yours. You are our client, and your satisfaction is our most important goal.

  • Restore and Preserve Historic Homes
  • Complete Luxury Office Renovation
  • Project Management Assistance On Each Project
  • New Office Building Construction
  • Home Design and Construction Consultation services
  • Full-Service Commercial Maintenance and Restoration
  • Detailed and Period-Specific Material Use
  • Historical Renovations on Commercial Facilities

We Provide Commercial Contracting Services in Mt. Pleasant

Do you own a commercial building in Mt. Pleasant that needs to be upgraded in any way? Our team of professionals can provide the help that you need. After all, we’re one of the biggest general contractors in Mt. Pleasant; we’ve got you covered. At Renew Urban, we can handle a staggering number of upgrades and improvements to commercial properties.

For example, we’re known for our restaurant remodels, which often take a struggling company out of the red and back into the black! We also provide upfits for businesses, which can transform your facility into a more high-tech and comfortable work environment. It’s not uncommon to see us converting whole neighborhood blocks into brand new and more high-tech business fronts.

However, we also respect our customer’s needs and will do what we can to keep a historic facility looking good. Our team knows that Mt. Pleasant has some beautiful old business buildings, and our team can upgrade your facility without destroying the historic look you want for your facility. In this way, we can provide the help that you need to ensure your customers always recognize your business front.

Our High-Quality Construction Management Team Helps Mt. Pleasant Residents

One thing you’ll notice quickly about us is that we always assign a project manager to each of our contracting jobs. This professional is someone with specialized skills and training for projects like yours. The project manager is an expert who can plan every element of your project. In addition, they communicate with contractors, subcontractors, material vendors, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Each manager also works directly with the customer, discussing the process, handling any potential concerns, and providing regular on-site visits that help track your project’s development. Your budget and time are essential to us, and your project manager will ensure that your budget is carefully managed and will do what they can to ensure that you don’t pay more money than necessary.

Our project manager will always be upfront with you, unlike other contractors, who sometimes rely on flaky communication lines and questionable ethics. If there’s a problem, they’ll let you know. But, most importantly, they’ll let you know what they are doing to improve the situation. Remember: complete transparency is one of our biggest goals. And our construction managers are taught to provide this benefit to you.

Hire An Experienced Mt. Pleasant General Contractor For Your Next Project

Don’t hire an inexpensive and inexperienced team for your next construction or renovation project. Instead, work with us at Renew Urban to get the best experience possible. After all: we were the building team on every episode of This Old House when it was filmed in Charleston, SC. That alone should tell you that we know what we’re doing and that we have the specialized skills needed to improve your construction project.

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