Historic Building Saved On King Street

DOWNTOWN CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The end is in sight for a nearly 2-year construction project happening to a historic building, that was collapsing into the street, on King Street between Wentworth St. and Society St.

You have probably noticed this construction project along King St. It is hard to miss, because of a 40-ton support structure sits in front of the building to hold it up while the construction takes place on the inside. The structure has blocked part of the left-hand sidewalk & left traffic lane since 2017. However, today, that all changes…

Renew Urban, the contractors in charge of construction, say that a huge milestone has happened in the project. The framework of the building is complete and the building can now stand up on its own, meaning that the massive support structure, that is obstructing the flow of traffic, is no longer needed.

Construction was necessary for public safety because the historic building began bowing out into the street putting pedestrians lives at risk. For nearly two years, construction has been underway. The contractors say that the biggest accomplishment from construction is that they saved the facade & historic integrity of the building while fixing its structural issues & making it safe.

Mark Regalbuto, Partner of Renew Urban says, “That’s always the goal to preserve the historic fabric to the extent that you can. We proved in this case that with effort, you can do a lot. That is what makes Charleston special, so the idea is to keep all the pediments and all the detailing right. You could have recreated it, but it’s not the same”

As the 40-ton support structure is removed from this construction site, there will be closures along King St. from Society St. to Wentworth St. that will happen every night this week (Monday, March 25 – Friday, March 29th) from 4pm-until midnight. Contractors say all loud construction will cease by 10PM.