Historic Renovations

Historic Renovation Construction Company In Charleston, South Carolina

Renew Urban is your premier choice for historic renovations and remodeling. Our team of experts takes tremendous pride in being detail-driven, trustworthy, and well-coordinated. When it comes to delivering the best possible results, we don’t compromise quality. Instead, we select the most luxurious materials and design choices for every project.


The choice of taking on a preservation or remodeling project for Charleston’s most landmark structures is a big one. When you choose a professional construction company who specializes in high-end remodeling, repairs, and historic reconstruction, you’re sure to receive excellent results. Here at Renew Urban, we guarantee only the highest quality outcome. We love the work we do, so we make it a point to treat every project with the care and attention-to-detail it deserves.

At Renew Urban, we guarantee that your historic renovation project will withstand the coming years. To maintain the extraordinary charm of your project’s heritage, we follow a very strict set of principles. We are very meticulous about our process, selecting only the best crews for each task. Our team will deliver the results you desire and breathe new life into Charleston’s most captivating and important buildings.


At Renew Urban, we offer complete tear downs, repairs, historic remodels, time-accurate reproductions, and more. We’ve developed an elite reputation by providing our clients with results that surpass their expectations. We listen to their needs, seek to understand their unique personalities, and craft the perfect plan to fulfill their personal vision. Our craftsmanship and expertise, along with high quality materials, can revitalize any structure. We take pride in having the best subcontractors who make sure that your project’s outcome is of the finest quality. This includes, but is not limited to, licensed and bonded masons, electricians, custom vendors, carpenters, painters, and landscapers. As one of Charleston’s best custom home builders, we know how to craft a quality home that will last generations.

We set ourselves apart from other remodeling contractors by having extensive involvement with historic renovations. We are very experienced with old homes, including many that are over 200 years old. The landmark homes of our city need a different and more careful approach as they are filled with many complexities. Our trusted specialists have the skills and expertise needed to reintroduce them to the modern world. If you have a run-down building in mind, let us help you cement it as a staple of Charleston pride.


As a full-service management firm, Renew Urban will assemble the perfect team to complete your historic renovation project. We choose only the leading designers, project managers, architects, and engineers to work with you. This ensures that your planned reconstruction suits your personal design preferences as you work with field experts to understand how different project pieces fit together.

Our team of professionals will spend as much time as is necessary to guide you through our planning and design process. We offer consultations on the best material choices, layout, and more to fulfill your remodeling vision. Depending on how extensive you wish your project to be, we can provide past examples to help you brainstorm ideas.

With each historic renovation project comes a project manager. He or she will make daily visits so everything moves along with precision and cohesion. We will guide you along our process, keep you informed every step of the way, and keep the lines of communication open.


Historic Charm Meets Modern Amenities: We suit the needs of homeowners who desire a feel of the past with contemporary conveniences. For this reason, we’ll complete your home with new wiring and plumbing and any state-of-the-art technology that you may be looking for.

Impeccable Construction: Our top-notch team of engineers and subcontractors only provides the highest-quality work. We guarantee that the structural integrity and safety of your renovated home will last for a lifetime.

Endless Customization: The options for historic remodeling are vast. With many different material selections, layout plans, and design choices, you’re sure to get a home tailored to your taste and personality.

Time Period Accuracy: If you’re eager for an accurate reproduction or renovation, we’ll deliver. We maintain design accuracy by using reclaimed materials and styles for each home’s respective age.


Renew Urban has worked on many historical buildings, many of which are over 200 years old. We understand that Charleston’s historic buildings can be Revolutionary, Antebellum, and everything in between. We take delight in restoring pride and significance into Charleston’s oldest buildings. Our professional construction company has historic preservationists and designers on staff to rebuild your renovated home with precise details. Depending on the shape of your project, we will reuse as many materials as we can. But, under circumstances where vast replacements are needed, we will select time-period correct items and reclaimed materials to keep the home authentic according to your preference.


To ensure your new home is safe, we will build everything up to modern day codes and standards. Renew Urban will take care of any tear downs, mold removal, wood rot, window replacements, and more. Our professional team will handle these complexities to make certain your historic renovation in Charleston is safe and structurally sound.

We proudly adhere to all South Carolina remodeling laws. We also install new electrical wiring and plumbing to guarantee your home is up to code with modern safety standards. Although we add these features to make your home safe, we’ll still maintain its historic look and feel.

To see how much of a difference we can make to even the most run down homes, check out our many past projects and raving customer reviews.


We know how important your historic renovation project in Charleston is. By hiring our seasoned specialists at Renew Urban, we’ll deliver exactly what you’re looking for. We’re just as enthusiastic about your remodeling vision as you are, so we can’t wait to guide you through the creative process and make it an experience you’ll remember for years to come. Call us today to take on any project, no matter the size. You’ll be proud of restoring charm into Charleston’s oldest and most distinctive buildings.