The Nathaniel Russell House is a historic home located in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The wrought iron fence and low brick wall frame the entry, which leads to an ornate iron entrance gate. The house was originally laid out in geometric patterns, with flower beds and ornamental shrubs, and large orange and grapefruit trees. The house is about nine thousand square feet, with approximately 6,000 square feet of living space. The interior features mixed color schemes, plasterwork decorations, and curved walls. Browse around this site

The Nathaniel Russell House is a fascinating and historical site that depicts the life of an early nineteenth-century merchant. The home is an outstanding example of Federal architecture, with ornate interior detailing, a spiral staircase, and a series of oval drawing rooms. This home features works by renowned Charleston craftsmen and displays of enslaved African Americans. The house is also home to an exhibit about the transatlantic slave trade and Nathaniel Russell’s role in it.

A comprehensive restoration of the Nathaniel Russell House was completed in 1995 by the Historic Charleston Foundation. They sought to restore the house’s interior details to their original appearance. They also acquired several pieces of furniture manufactured in Charleston, SC. These pieces have been carefully reinstalled in the house to reflect the period it was built in. The house is open for public tours. It is well worth visiting. If you are a history buff, Nathaniel Russell House is an essential stop.

If you have never been to this historic home, you should make your way to the Historical Charleston Foundation’s headquarters. It’s one of Charleston’s most important historic sites and is well worth the photo stop. You will be captivated by the architecture and interior decor of this elegant home. While there, you can also explore the museum’s many other historic homes, including the Charleston Docks. The historic Dockyard, the city’s famous fish market, and the charming downtown district make this a must-see stop on your itinerary.

A historic house, the Nathaniel Russell House is an exceptional example of antebellum architecture in the Lowcountry. It is filled with period pieces and works of art, and is one of Charleston’s most enchanting properties. It has a magnificent staircase and a formal garden that will leave you spellbound. A trip to the Nathaniel Russell House will take you through the antebellum era in a completely new light.

This grand home is set back 30 feet from the street with a front garden. The brick exterior is three stories tall with a low hipped roof, a paneled balustrade, and tall windows on the second story. The exterior is decorated in Adamsesque style and is furnished in white marble. The interior features a mahogany handrail and a freestanding elliptical stair.

Previously, the house focused only on the mansion. Now, it includes several outbuildings, including the kitchen and laundry, as well as living quarters for enslaved people. You can explore these spaces, and learn more about the history of Charleston in the South. You can even walk through the former slave quarters, which are now accessible through planks and railings. While it’s possible to explore all the rooms, the interior design of the Nathaniel Russell House Charleston SC will leave you breathless. Browse next article