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Residential Remodeling In Mt. Pleasant, SC

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Living in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina means living alongside some of the earliest history of our nation, living within the historic architecture of this great, old city.  What was functional a century ago, however, is not always in good shape today, while other buildings may need modern amenities to function as homes or offices.  At Renew Urban, we are very proud of our track record with bringing the past to life, including our featured time on This Old House during its production in our city. 

Yet, we offer more than just bringing old buildings into a new age and updating the past with the comforts of the present.  Our residential remodeling contractor services can create brand-new space in any room of your home, from kitchen to bathroom to deck.  What aspects of home remodeling can we help you create?

We Can Renovate Any Space in Your Mt. Pleasant Home

There’s no part of your home, from a crawl space to a master bedroom, that we cannot upgrade into something more beautiful, more practical, and more of what you want in your home.  Projects big and small all receive the same care, which starts with a review of your space. An experienced residential remodeling contractor will look over your space, take careful notes on the designs you want to see, and discuss suggestions for improvement for better aesthetics, shorter timelines, or a slimmer budget.  Since you have many choices for redesign, we strive to give you ample options so that you don’t feel constrained or limited.  We take the showroom and bring it into your living room!  Our craft team completes the home inspection by taking care of the following steps:

  • Inspecting your rooms and measuring the available space
  • Laying out a timeline
  • Ensuring that you approve all the materials and products to be used in the renovation.
  • Managing your entire home improvement.

We make sure all materials are ready and waiting before we enter your home and begin work, so that the remodeling project has no delays and no unpleasant surprises. A successful home improvement is our goal.

The First Choice For Remodeling Contractors in Mt. Pleasant, SC

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Renew Urban can get the improvements you’ve always dreamed of for your South Carolina home. Our years of experience not only help our residential remodeling contractor to make sure the project is finished, but that it all goes according to plan.  Everyone is naturally anxious about the prospect of redoing a major part of their home, but a redesign doesn’t need to be a task of dread. Not every construction company is created equal, see why we are a top rated remodeling company. Our design strategy involves steps you cannot find elsewhere:

  • Understanding your needs in terms of space, desired aesthetics, and budget
  • Planning a process timeline to remodel any interior space with no wasted days
  • Ensuring all materials are of the highest quality before construction begins

This unique strategy means the remodel is achieved faster, with fewer questions, and less disruption to your everyday world.  We want to take every effort to make sure you enjoy your new rooms as soon as possible.

Some Of Our Remodeling and Renovation Work Right Here In Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Mt. Pleasant, SC Home Remodeling Services and Home Renovators

Every home here has a past.  Whether it has always belonged to your family or has had many families throughout its history, your homes possess a memory that we strive to maintain with our historical renovations.  We believe in putting our passion into our work and keeping your home in good condition while maintaining all its charm and appeal. Our focus for historical renovations is simple:

  • Client-inspired design to bring older homes up to modern standards
  • Quality workmanship to avoid damage to priceless pieces of Charleston history
  • Superb customer service that leaves every home better for everyday living and long-term preservation.

Historical renovation demands far more attention to detail, which is why our residential remodeling contractor services employ only a select number of designers, masons, carpenters, and electricians.  We know how important it is to take pride in our work and ensure the quality of such an important renovation project as your historic home.

Professional Remodeling Contracting Services

Renew Urban has a turn-key approach to renovations and construction: by the time our contractors finish the renewal or the refurbishment and have cleaned up, there are no more constraints on your time or Mt. Pleasant, SC property.  You are satisfied and the space is ready to be used when we finish your project – no question about it.  Each product we install in your home is not just of the highest quality, but is capable of enduring well into the future, since we use products like:

  • Fine hardwoods like walnut and maple for cabinets and fixtures 
  • Strong solid stone like granite and quartz for countertops
  • Energy-saving resurfacing for windows and doors

You can be sure that your finished room will be a place of beauty as well as practicality, a place for kids and pets as well as adults, capable of taking on the pressures of everyday life without issue.


At Renew Urban, we will fulfill your dream of having your luxury home built exclusively to match your every desire. We can’t wait to use our industry expertise, innovation, and mastery of construction and design to deliver you a home that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Call us today to build your unique custom home in Charleston. We would be honored to work with you!

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A project may take several months from planning to completion, so why put off what you have wanted for so long?  Whatever the size and scale of your home, we can promise you that you will receive the highest quality care as both a customer and a homeowner.  Let Renew Urban show you how to build a fantastic new space in your home with less cost, less time, and less stress than a normal construction crew.  When you want the finest improvements for your house, we can create the space you will always be proud to call home.

About Charleston, SC

Charleston is the most populous city in South Carolina and the county seat of Charleston County, as well as the major city in the Charleston–North Charleston metropolitan area. The city is located on Charleston Harbor, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the meeting of the Ashley, Cooper, and Wando rivers. Originally founded as a settlement on the west bank of the Ashley River (now Charles Town Landing), Charleston was originally named Charles Town in 1670 after King Charles II, and it has grown to become the fifth-largest city in North America (after moving locations).

Because its governance was handled directly by a colonial legislature and a governor dispatched from Parliament, it was never incorporated during British rule. The current spelling of Charleston, which dates back to 1783, was adopted following the city’s actual foundation. The state government relocated to Columbia in 1788, despite the fact that Charleston was one of the top ten largest cities in the United States until the 1840 census owing to growth within the United States.

During the Civil War, Charleston was an important strategic city for both the Union and Confederate forces, with both sides vying to gain control as a major metropolis. The Civil War began in Charleston, South Carolina, at Fort Sumter. It also ended there in April 1865, just a few months after the Union troops captured Charleston.