Building a home is a highly rewarding experience

Why Build A Custom Home?

Today, We Are Exploring Why Should You Build a Custom Home?

Building a home from the ground up is a personalized and highly rewarding experience. While it may be tempting to buy an established property that is ready to move into, your own custom home will reflect your character and your lifestyle and will fully support your family’s needs in a way that an existing home might not be able to. As one of the premiere custom home builders in Charleston, SC, we are in a unique position to give you the many reasons to take on the challenge of building a custom home.

Tailored to Your Life

Perhaps, most obviously, a custom home offers the chance to add, remove, tweak, or completely revolutionize just about any feature of a home. No two families are alike and working with a custom home builder to design a space for your family requires an in- depth understanding of how you live your life. When building a custom home the owner can work with the custom home builder to determine all aspects including layout, materials, and finish.

completely revolutionize just about any feature of a home

Pick Your Location

Location can be everything. The perfect view or nearby ocean/lake access increases the value of your home and, more importantly, can make it an ideal place for your family. When you are building your dream home in the ultimate spot it feels like you will have everything you need.

Keep in mind, prefab home builders don’t always have the liberty to build on any plot of land. Just like you might be restricted in your decisions for design and materials with these builders, you may also be restricted in where your home is built, too.

Avoid the Bidding War

When the market is hot (as it is now), homes can sell quickly making the home buying competition fierce. Depending on your area, finding a house that has the features you want can be very difficult and frustrating. And when you do find it you might end up losing it in a bidding war! Even more frustrating! But when you build your own home you never have to worry about outbidding other buyers or the stress that can come from home shopping. Now you get to focus on the details.

you’re not just hiring a general contractor

Cost Efficiency

When you hire a custom home builder you’re not just hiring a general contractor. You are hiring a team of expert professionals that are experienced in their industry. Carefully select the team you work with. Many have spent years perfecting their trades. They have spent just as much time building the team and network they work with on a daily basis. A custom home builder can provide you with an architect, a designer, a lead contractor, and project manager.

The most elite custom home builders can also provide you with a qualified, licensed, financial advisor to assist with project funding. What does all of this mean to your bottom line? Simply put, it means that your custom home builder has already done the legwork to ensure that everyone on their team provides them with solutions that are ultimately more cost efficient for the client.

Money Management

Building your own home allows you to have total control over where you spend your money. Working with a custom home builder will provide you with the ability to choose every detail, prioritizing where you want your money to be spent.

A custom home builder will monitor your budget as the home progresses to ensure your project stays on budget and on schedule.

Construction management is key to not running over budget so any custom home builder worth its salt will provide such services.

The money saved by hiring a custom home builder is huge

Project Management

The amount of time and money saved by hiring a custom home builder is significant…but the amount of stress avoided is priceless. When you hire a custom home builder you can expect a team member to be appointed as your main contact to update you regularly and answer any questions you have.

Your project manager is essential to the building process to address issues immediately to avoid any miscommunication or lost information.

From start to finish you will have a hands-on professional to advise you about the project’s progress including any design issues that may arise.

Energy Efficiency

Energy conscious homeowners can really benefit from using a custom home builder. You can pick out all the appliances, most of which are significantly more energy efficient than older models. What’s more, newly constructed homes offer improved heating and cooling systems which bring down your energy bill.

New homes can incorporate water saving plumbing features that can also help you conserve water. With ever-advancing new technology out there, a new home is always more energy efficient than an older home. You can also plan for new technology like expanding the electric system to handle today’s devices and many for the future including the option to use sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly.

The choice to build a new home is an easy one to make when you are working with the right builder and building on the right lot. If you need help deciding which is the right path for you, fell free to drop us a line.