The highest award that a builder can be given is recognition of work well done. Awards and recognition honor our work, and help move us in the right direction. Our design philosophy is to keep what made the original property great while adding to it in respectful ways. The team at renew urban is proud to show all our award winning work below!

23 Montagu Street

A beautiful stand alone home is sometimes hard to come by in historic areas. It is much easier for them to fall to extreme disrepair. That’s why it is so easy for us to have such an impact in these neighborhoods.23 Montagu Street is no exception, our work brought this home back to its original glory.

288 King Street

Apartment living is nothing new, it has been around for almost 2 century’s. And while it may seem like there is nothing new under the sun, 288 King Street feels fresh and unique. The open floor plan helps keep the flow of the space open.

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105 Broad St

Whenever we hear the word corporate, we think dull. But, that’s a mistake! 105 Broad Street is a great example of professional ideals with a southern twist. It is a shining example of southern style beauty, check it out here.

10 Judith Street

10 Judith Street was a bit of a fixer-upper. While it was originally referred to as the John Robinson House, it had fallen into extreme disrepair. With our watchful eye, it has once again taken it’s rightful place as the most beautiful home in Charleston.

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This beautiful storefront wasn’t in bad shape before we took over. But, under our watchful eye it grew into a truly spectacular work of art. Not only does it stand out in its on way on King Street, it also breathes new life into this part of Charleston. This beauty was definitely deserving of awards.

161 King Street

This beautiful storefront property would be right at home on the streets of London. It is a great example of class and elegance. Whenever we work on a historic building in the heart of Charleston, our goal is to bring back the beauty and style that has been lost to time.

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Winning an Award for Excellence is no easy task, but with a team of experts at your back, we can turn anything around. This King Street home is truly unique, and unlike any of our previous work. It took some time, but we were able to bring it up to par with the rest of King Street

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