Should I Build A Dedicated Media Room?

A home renovation or construction project requires careful planning for every family need you may experience. For example, you may be interested in a dedicated media room that provides a unique viewing experience. Is this option right for you? Let’s take a look at this process to give you an idea of what to expect. If the popularity of these home theaters is anything to go by, you’ll likely want one.

movie theaters are struggling to stay afloat in today’s modern economy

Old-School Theaters are Declining

Even as the film industry makes record-breaking money, movie theaters are struggling to stay afloat in today’s modern economy. The problem for them is that more people understand that creating a home media room is less expensive than they thought. Just a few renovation projects can quickly transform an extra room into a viewing experience similar to that of a major theater.

These media rooms are different from traditional living rooms where families can eat food, play board games, or entertain guests. Instead, these dedicated rooms include a myriad of devices that allow them to:

  • Watch their favorite television shows with great sound and images
  • Host movie-watching parties for the latest releases
  • Enjoy unique sporting events with immersive visuals and sound
  • Play video games together with friends in person and online
  • Listen to music on a surround sound system

These rooms are perfect for a custom home, as you can plan for them from the beginning and integrate them into your overall design. Elements like short-throw projectors, hidden speakers, Bluetooth sound connection, and much more help make these rooms even more enjoyable.

Planning a Media Room When Building a Home

Adding a dedicated media room to an existing home requires you to repurpose an existing room or add an addition that’s at least 15 by 15 feet or more. Remember – you’re going to install theater seating, a large screen, high-quality speakers, and projectors that help to make your media room more functional. You also need to consider the acoustics and try to soundproof it as much as possible.

If possible, repurpose a room closer to the center of your house for a home theater. Doing so helps to naturally soundproof the area. If not, you’ll need high-quality insulation when installing your addition. Once you start decorating the room, try to create a unique look and style that emulates a theater. For example, hanging lights, deep-red walls, and an inclined floor can emulate the theater experience.

When building a new addition to your home for a dedicated media room, it is vital to make sure that you install various elements that make the room easy to use. Remember, you’re going for the look and feel of a theater and everything about the room should contribute to that effect. Just a few of the most critical items you’ll need to consider for your room include:

  • A Large Television — Try to find a screen that is, at minimum, six feet wide. You can also try for a 10-foot model for the best effect. Or you can purchase an inexpensive viewing screen of the same size. This option emulates the theater-style even more and saves you money too.
  • Projector or Video Player — It would be best if you had the highest definition projector possible for your screen. Projectors have aspect ratio settings that let you pick screen sizes based on your needs. If a projector isn’t an option, purchase the newest and highest-quality Blu-Ray and DVD player and install it onto your television.
  • Music Player — Sync a Bluetooth connection to your sound system to integrate a CD player, MP3 player, or streaming music player. Doing so lets you enjoy music as you’ve likely never experienced it before – complete sound immersion.
  • Computer With Strong Wireless Connection — If you’re like the average person, you likely have many streaming services online. Your projector-based media room will need a computer with access to these services or a television with a Roku stick or a similar device for easier access.
  • Intense Speakers and Sound Systems — Install multiple speakers throughout your theater, balanced towards the front, sides, and back. Try to purchase at least a 5.1 Surround Sound system or upgrade to a 7.1 Surround Sound system to get a theater-level sound.
  • Lighting Control — Purchase dimming lights and install them in the ceiling of your media room. Place controls throughout the room that allow you to adjust the light from full brightness to total darkness. In this way, you can use your media room for other types of purposes beyond viewing.
  • Other Entertainment Options — A media room can also include a video game system for yourself or your children. The projected image and the intense sound will make this experience more immersive and create a delightful experience for anyone in your family who loves video games.

As for décor, you want items that simultaneously make your room unique while blending into the rest of your house’s design. Choose colors and decorative materials that fit smoothly into this overall design, including area rugs, handsome sound panels, wood diffuser panels, theater-quality seats with cup holders, footrests, massage equipment, and customized controls for your home system.

If your room has windows, you’ll also need heavy window curtains that block out light when you’re watching the film. You may want to choose black light-dampening curtains explicitly designed for this purpose. Or, you can put in shutters that automatically close with the push of a button. Doing so lets you open up the room to natural lighting when you aren’t watching a movie.

Work With Your Renovation Expert to Finish This Project

The extent of this type of home improvement project is so broad and intensive that it is best to get a home building expert to help with many of the more difficult building or renovation steps. You might be able to handle things like installing the television, projector, and sound system if you’re just using some basic parts. However, for a project like this, if you are wanting to integrate many complex parts to make an amazing system, it’s best to call in an expert in this area as well. You will be enjoying your home theater room for many years to come, so you want it to be spectacular right from the start.